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What Do We Believe?

FAQ'S About Christianity

#1 – Is It Possible to Live Forever?

Death is frightening but then, so can living in this world. Fortunately, we were created for eternity, and it is God’s desire that each of us enjoy eternity with Him in Heaven. Each of us will experience either eternal life in heaven or eternal death in hell. Jesus Christ is the doorway into heaven.

#3 – Can You Explain the Holy Spirit?

Absolutely! The Holy Spirit is not a bird or a feeling. He is a Person. That is how Jesus introduced Him to the disciples. Because of the Holy Spirit we can have the nearness of God at all times! Just like Jesus existed before the creation of the world, the Holy Spirit existed. Because of Jesus His availability and activity is greater today than ever!

#5 – What is a Pentecostal Church?

Pentecost simply refers to a religious celebration in the Bible. However, it is significant because it was at that celebration after the resurrection of Jesus that the Holy Spirit was poured. This marked the amazing availability of the Holy Spirit to the new Christians. The entire book of Acts details how it affected the believers, church, and communities. Acts describes miracles, supernatural abilities, and speaking in an unknown language referred to as “tongues”. These things are supernatural, not weird.

#2 – Who is Jesus Christ?

The name “Jesus Christ” is significant because the first name “Jesus” was common in Israel, but “Christ” identified Him as the Messiah. He existed before time and is eternal. Christmas celebrates His physical entrance into this world through the virgin Mary. His death was resurrection demonstrates the truth of His words and the evidence of eternal life in Heaven.

#4 – Does Christianity Believe in More than One God?

Although the Bible teaches about the Heavenly Father, the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit they are collectively understood as the Trinity. This means that they are unique persons of God. This is difficult to understand but very simply taught using water as an example. Water has differing properties as steam, liquid, and ice but all are water.

#6 – Aren’t All Christian Churches the Same?

In the sense that churches believe Jesus Christ is God, they would be similar. However, interpretations of the Bible have resulted in different denominations and non-denominational churches. Grace Chapel is a part of the fellowship of the Assemblies of God. The Assemblies of God is Pentecostal and cooperates with other churches to establish missions, learning materials and programs for all ages, and compassionate activities. 

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